We love our newest product!

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Hunni-Detox came out of our love of honey and interest in living a little healthier. We married our dark, rich raw honey (full of vitamins and phytonutrients) with our favorite detoxifying ingredients. And just as with the Hunniwater Melon, fell in love with the first sip. We thought it was only fair to share.

We love seeing Hunni-Detox on the shelves and while sampling at a local retailer, an enthusiastic hunni-fan said, “Detox me!” We hope you enjoy our Hunni-Detox “mini-cleanses”as much as we do. Hunni-Cinnamon feels warm, familiar and comfortable. It’s my favorite at the moment.

Hunni-Ginger Cayenne is spicy, a tad sweet with a little heat. Hunni-Matcha is a green and grassy (in a good way) Superfood. Its energizing and amazing before exercise.

More deliciously detoxifying combinations are coming soon!


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